The artistic life of Lil Kesh

is a Nigerian rapper who began his career in 2012, singing in clubs, but his songs caused controversy due to the subject they were dealing with. He was nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards as best actor in 2015. The rapper is very young and still has a way to go, and fame to increase with his musical career in progress.

His talent was undoubted, which indicated that his career would begin prematurely. Considering that her music impressed people who listened to her without the need for provocative lyrics, it was saying a lot, predicting the future that lay ahead.
The rapper was born in 1995, Although there is not much information about childhood and adolescence, it is known that
Lil Kesh after finishing high school went to Stockbridge College to study linguistics. Although at first there was more chance that Lil Kesh was dancing, due to the influence of young people of his age, his interests were inclined to rap. As time passed, his ability grew to enter the world of rap in totality. Due to the content of their lyrics, the songs were aimed at women and men of any age.
I believe his fame in his university, due to the agreement that his lyrics were with the opinion of the young people. Due to this popularity, he managed to get a contract with YBNL Country and from there, a number of successes were unleashed for the rapper, making his fame grow more and more. Due to everything that had happened to him in his musical career, this created a great confidence. The rapper was encouraged in several countries in different exhibitions, it can even be said that on some occasions he became the center of attention. It is expected that for a future, the fame of Lil Kesh grows even more since it is a rapper with enough potential and revolutionary among all the number of rappers that exist today.